About The Firm

Empirical Creative: Jury Research and Trial Graphics

Empirical Creative LLC is a boutique trial consulting firm. Our specialty is providing jury research and graphics consulting on complex, high-stakes civil and criminal litigation with an eye towards understanding and reducing risk and uncertainty for our clients. In an industry fraught with self-proclaimed gurus and data-dumpers, our aim is to bring integrity to our trial consulting practice by giving unwavering, focused attention to the matters for which we are retained,and providing a high level of sophistication in our work. We recognize that to be of real value, trial consulting requires the skillful interplay between rigorous social-science research methodologies on the one hand, and artful advocacy on the other hand. To this end, our consulting practice embraces two fundamental principles which guide its practice. Our name reflects this vision:

Empirical means relying on or derived from observation or experiment. The word captures the method and foundation upon which the firm’s trial strategy, jury selection and graphics recommendations are made. Rather than pretending to be gurus or blindly relying on insights from our previous work, we aspire to adhere to a present moment, juror-centric philosophy in all that we do: In the end, it does not matter what we think or what you think or what your adversaries think; it is the jurors’ opinions that matter, and we use social scientific, empirical methods to zone in on their impressions.

Creative means to have the ability or power to create or produce, by new combinations of matter already created, and by investing these combinations with new forms, constitutions and qualities. Since jurors are tasked with navigating through a sea of complex facts, evidence, testimony and argument, being creative is fundamentally important to developing: Empirical Creative’s culture is democratic, intellectually rigorous, self-reflective, innovative and team-oriented. Our culture is externalized in how we relate to our clients.

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