Why Choose Us?

Why Our Jury Research Services

Empirical Creative

At Empirical Creative, one size does not fit all. Just as every case comes with its unique set of facts and circumstances, we are sensitive to ensuring that any research event and/or graphics project we design and conduct is customized to meet your unique objectives for retaining us in the first place. The general types of jury research services listed on this site are only templates, and, in reality, there are many permutations both within and among these services that we would recommend utilizing depending on your needs. With this in mind, the first step at Empirical Creative is to always have a productive intake meeting with the trial team during which we carefully explore and explicitly define the goals of the research. For example, are we toward the beginning of discovery and primarily interested in exploring potential case themes that would resonate most soundly with jurors? Do we wish to measure the strength of various arguments or explore which case facts jurors perceive as salient? Conversely, are we much closer to trial and want to mainly assess the amount of damages, if any, jurors are potentially awarding? Is there a particular witness we are concerned about? What is the Judge’s voir dire protocol, and how can we best prepare for an approach to jury selection given those parameters? Once we clearly identify the research objectives, we can then design the appropriate research event or combination of events to meet your needs. At Empirical Creative, we are also mindful to steer clear of any “guru” like mentality or conjecture; our practice is grounded in social science, and our recommendations and opinions, whether it be on trial strategy or jury selection, are backed up by data.

Why Our Trial Graphics Services

With an appreciation of the benefits of a visual learning model, our focus is to help our clients identify the key case concepts jurors need to learn and then develop trial graphics that educate and persuade them from opening statement, through witness testimony and closing argument. Like our Jury Consulting practice, we stress the importance of ensuring that any demonstrative we are creating meets an objective that has been carefully thought out beforehand. Although we pride ourselves on our creativity, we shun “bells and whistles” – creativity is best expressed with simple, clear ways of visually conveying complex issues or arguments. By integrating jury research and persuasive graphics under one roof, our clients can be assured that they are armed with a trial strategy that has not only been rigorously tested and refined, but is also complemented by persuasive visuals to clarify necessary issues and advance key arguments.

In developing trial graphics, Empirical Creative adheres to four core principles:
  • Education before argument.
  • Graphics should complement the message, not replace it.
  • Graphics technology should be used with purpose, not for "bells and whistles."
  • Visually, less is more.