At Empirical Creative, one size does not fit all. Just as every case comes with its unique set of facts and circumstances, we are sensitive to ensuring that any research event and/or graphics project we design and conduct is customized to meet your unique objectives for retaining us in the first place. The general types of jury research services listed on this site are only templates, and, in reality, there are many permutations both within and among these services that we would recommend utilizing depending on your needs.


“Jim Dobson and David Klein of Empirical Creative are the very best jury consultants, and much more. Since they truly understand advocacy and persuasion, and take the time to truly understand your case, they are able to help a skilled trial lawyer integrate the key themes of the case to the likely audience. Their insights into jurors and jury selection are deep, thoughtful and case-specific. They helped us make the most of our jury panel, and select a jury that could understand and accept the key themes of our case, and then advocate and vote for us in the jury room. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with them.”



experience where it matters.


Empirical Creative’s Jury Consultants and Graphic Designers have spent the last decade working intensely with clients to obtain favorable outcomes in a broad range of high-stakes litigation matters. Our clients include many top-tier law firms, and the cases we have consulted on include some of the most noted civil and criminal matters in recent history. Our dedication to independent thinking, sound research principles and creative, yet practical trial strategy, jury selection and persuasive graphics advice makes us highly-sought after in the industry.


James Dobson
David Klein, Ph.D.
John P. Esser, Ph.D.
Steve Tuholski, Ph.D.
Bill Wenzel, Ph.D.
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Thomas Bryan