Case Experience

experience where it matters.

Empirical Creative’s Jury Consultants and Graphic Designers have spent over the last 15 years working intensely with clients to obtain favorable outcomes in a broad range of high-stakes litigation matters. Our clients include many top-tier law firms, and the cases we have consulted on include some of the most noted civil and criminal matters in recent history. Our dedication to independent thinking, sound research principles and creative, yet practical trial strategy, jury selection and persuasive graphics advice makes us highly-sought after in the industry.

“I was first introduced to Jim Dobson about 10 years ago when we needed some help understanding how to address some potential problem areas in a tough case pending in our home state of New Hampshire. Not only did we win the case, but the jury verdict was the highest damages verdict of its kind in the State’s history. Our firm now turns to Jim and his colleagues at Empirical Creative for our firm’s most important cases. Our confidence in EC stems from their unique ability to grasp the intricacies of complex litigation and isolate the issues that, for jurors, require careful explanation, emotional argumentation or a delicate soft-touch. Unlike other consulting groups whose expertise is either jury consulting or trial graphics, Empirical Creative truly integrates the two. Each and every critical issue they identify as important from a jury consulting perspective is translated into graphics to ensure that jurors ‘get it.’ That they are personally a pleasure to work with is just bonus.”

Mark Abramson

Abramson, Brown & Dugan