Jim has a broad range of experience in both civil and criminal litigation and has supported both plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving contract disputes, securities and accounting fraud, intellectual property, antitrust, medical malpractice and others. He has been recognized as having played key roles in the successful outcomes of some of the nation’s most complex and high-profile cases. After a long and successful career with several top tier National Jury Consulting firms, Jim co-founded Empirical Creative in 2007 with a renewed mission. Jim has leveraged his extensive jury consulting experience and training in the social sciences to build a practice that is grounded in rigorous empirical methods, yet provides clients with practical case strategy.

Jim’s unique expertise in the area of persuasive graphics has helped establish Empirical Creative as a truly integrated firm, where Jury Research and Graphics are part of a single consulting process. Jim is a published author and expert analyst in the area of jury decision-making and has contributed articles to Temple University Law Review, National Law Journal and the ABA Section of Litigation’s Trial Evidence and IP Committee newsletters.

Leading media outlets, such as Fox News, CBS’s 48 Hours, CBS News, National Public Radio, The National Law Journal and USA Today, have turned to Jim for insight into juror behavior in high-profile trials. Jim has a B.A. in Human Relations and a M.A. in Sociology from Fordham University, where he served 4 years as a Ph.D. fellow.