Graphic Designer

Thomas Bryan is a Graphic Designer with Empirical Creative. He has over twenty years of experience as a designer, animator for advertising and over ten years of experience as a litigation designer simplifying complex concepts into easily understandable demonstratives for use in court. Thomas has supported many cases ranging from insurance, pharmaceutical, securities, medical malpractice and employment litigation. Thomas has supported multiple high-profile cases, such as United States vs. Martha Stewart, World Trade Center Insurance Trial and Disney vs. Michael Eisner.

Aside from working in litigation design, Thomas has worked for Y&R Advertising Agency as a Flash Developer and After Effects Animator making online advertisements such as flash banner ads, motion graphic videos for TV and online use, award show videos and soundtrack composition. Some of those clients include: Coke, Land Rover, Dell, Jonnie Walker, Levis, Nokia, HP, Microsoft, Citibank, Chevron, Dannon, AICPA, Nascar and Smirnoff. This experience has given Thomas the ability to focus under pressure and produce great work.

Thomas holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from The School of Visual Arts, NYC.