“I worked with Empirical Creative on a very complex and challenging health care case in California. The exposure was in the billions of dollars, and the defense was highly technical. The defense team struggled with the question of how to present highlight technical material to the Judge and jury. Empirical Creative was fantastic. Through several iterations of both presentations and graphics, they developed an approach that allowed us to present the technical issues we need to present in a way that our audiences could hear and understand. The results were terrific. The EC team worked tirelessly (day and night for weeks on end) working up new approaches and graphics, and then presenting the work to the client representatives and, ultimately, to mock juries. During this work, I was extremely impressed by the talent and dedication of the entire staff. And I was most impressed with the ability of Jim Dobson and David Klein to work through difficult problems with us under a great deal of stress in a very effective, efficient, and professional manner. The EC team brought an element of creativity to our presentation that I would not have been able to bring myself, and for that I am extremely grateful. If you have a bet the business case, this is the team to have sitting next to you.”