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Empirical Creative LLC is a boutique trial consulting firm. Our specialty is providing jury research and graphics consulting on complex, high-stakes civil and criminal litigation with an eye towards understanding and reducing risk and uncertainty for our clients.

Our aim is to bring integrity to our trial consulting practice by giving unwavering, focused attention to the matters for which we are retained, and providing a high level sophistication in our work. We recognize that to be real value, trial consulting requires the skillful interplay between rigorous social-science research methodologies on the one-hand, and artful advocacy on the other hand. To this end, our consulting practice embraces two fundamental principles which guide its practice. Our name reflects this vision:


Trial Strategies that resonate with jurors' common sense approach to the world, appeal to the virtue of fairness, which guides most jurors as they pursue a verdict, and ultimately persuades jurors to decide in our client's favor.

Juror Profiles that identify those characteristics, attitudes, values and beliefs essential to the jury de-selection process.

Graphics that educate and persuade jurors.

James Dobson
David Klein, Ph.D.
John P. Esser, Ph.D.
Steve Tuholski, Ph.D.
Bill Wenzel, Ph.D.
Jessica Genaw
Thomas Bryan